Tango Launches ‘Sauce For Syria’ Campaign

NEW YORK CITY, Jan. 31, 2017 – The Brooklyn-based hot sauce company Tango Chile Sauce has announced its ‘Sauce For Syria‘ Campaign, whereby it will donate all profits to the American Refugee Committee for each S4S Bottle sold.  The American Refugee Committee uses these proceeds to provide refugees vital assistance, from developing collective shelters, to providing basic every day necessities like water and medicine.

“These innocent people have been experienced serious tragedy.  We’re not wealthy, but we make a great hot sauce. We can easily leverage it’s sales to raise some money for the refugees and their families.” says founder Dan Frieber.

Tango is a young company creating a buzz in New York City with it’s carrot-based hot sauce that has caught fire in the past year.  It can be found in hundreds of shops around NYC and was recently featured as a mystery ingredient on Food Network’s hit show ‘Chopped’.

The ‘Sauce For Syria’ Project follows up on Tango’s ‘Feel The Bern‘ Campaign, which raised money in support of Bernie Sanders’ Presidential Run last year.  In the first three days alone, over $14,000 of Bernie sauce had been sold.

“Especially in the wake of the recent ‘Muslim ban’, we need to encourage empathy and compassion across borders.” says Frieber, “We believe there’s room for Americans, on their own, to help Syrian refugees and show the world who we really are.”

To learn more, visit sauceforsyria.com, or email contact@tangochilesauce.com


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